Students Recognized for Leadership in Creating Safe, Inclusive Schools and Communities

Three AVRCE students are among the 2019 recipients of the Lieutenant Governor’s Respectful Citizenship Award, in recognition of their leadership and commitment to creating safe and inclusive spaces in schools and communities. 

Grace Garragan and Emma Johnson – Central Kings Rural High School

Grace Garragan and Emma Johnson, two students from Central Kings Rural High School, have done outstanding work in addressing and raising awareness about mental health. They have worked diligently to create an awareness campaign that promotes positive mental health and have added to the overall positive culture of Central Kings Rural High School.





Oliver Baker – Kings County Academy

Oliver Baker, a dedicated volunteer, activist and change agent, is a grade 8 student from Kings County Academy. Oliver arrives every day to school at 7:00 am to help set up the breakfast program and serves food until his first morning class. As an environmental activist, Oliver created his “10 in 10 Project”, which emphasizes that all it takes is 10 minutes to pick up 10 pieces of plastic garbage thus protecting our watershed. His project has spread across Nova Scotia and the Eastern United States and this past October, Oliver was a speaker at the Atlantic Canadian WE DAY. Oliver is an agent for change who is always looking for ways to help others and our world.




Congratulations Oliver, Emma and Grace, and thank you for your dedication to making our schools and communities positive, welcoming places!




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