Notify Me Text/Email Announcements

Notify Me is a service for school community members to receive text or email notices of school cancellations or other important announcements from AVRCE.

If you are a parent/guardian of a student currently attending an AVRCE school, you do not need to sign up for Notify Me. We will send you text/email announcements using the PowerSchool Alert system and the contact information you have provided your child’s school. This is the same system your school might use to send notices about events and activities. Please be sure to let your school know if your email address or phone number has changed. At any time, parents/guardians can also update their contact preferences using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can also contact your school to update your contact preferences.

School community members—such as grandparents, childcare providers, etc.—can use the form below to subscribe or unsubscribe for Notify Me.

  • If you have signed up for Notify Me in the past, you don’t need to sign up again unless your phone number, mobile service provider or email address has changed. We currently keep Notify Me subscribers on file from year to year.
  • To start receiving Notify Me texts or emails, enter your information below and click Notify Me
  • To stop receiving Notify me texts or emails, enter your information and click Stop Notifying Me
  • Please note, Notify Me message delivery timing will depend on your mobile service/email provider.
  • Text messaging fees may apply depending on your mobile service plan or provider.
  • Email subscribers, please add to your trusted senders, to help ensure you receive announcements.

All AVRCE email and text announcements are sent from Email subscribers, please add this address to your trusted senders to ensure you receive announcements.

Text subscribers, please note text messaging fees may apply when receiving AVRCE announcements, depending on your mobile service plan or provider.

Cell phone address formats:
Note: this list is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please confirm with your cell phone provider. Replace '902xxxxxxx' with your cell phone number.
(Bell and Solo)
(Koodo Mobile)
(PC Mobile)
(Note: Koodo users can also use which may work better for you if you don't have a data plan.)
(Virgin Mobile)
IMPORTANT Helpful hints:
DO include the entire number including the area code
Do NOT include a leading 1 in front of the number
Do NOT include any parentheses or dashes in the number
Do NOT include any spaces in, before or after the number
*If you do not receive a confirmation message within five minutes after subscribing, please try subscribing again. If a confirmation message still does not arrive, please send a request to .

Notify Me

To receive notification of school closings and other important announcements, please subscribe to our notification system.

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