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We are currently in transition from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board to the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education. Documents and pages throughout our website will be updated to reflect this change. During this transition, the forms and documents listed here remain current and in effect. 

Office of the Regional Executive Director of Education
Human Resources
Health and Safety
AP 305.15 Appendix A Accident Reporting Procedures  
AP 305.15 Appendix B WCB Injury Report  
AP 305.15 Appendix C Accident Report Form for Teachers  
AP 305.15 Appendix D JOHSC Accident Incident Investigation Report  
AP 305.15 Appendix E Application for Injury on Duty  
AP 305.15 Appendix F Request for Functional Info of Presenting Illness/Injury  
Classroom Inspection Checklist  
JOHSC Membership Form  
Master School Inspection List  
OH&S Administrator's Checklist  
OHS Meeting Minutes Template  
School Safety Assessment  
Science / Chemistry Lab Inspection Checklist  
Employee and Labour Relations
AP 304.2 Appendix A Job Description  
AP 305. 8 Appendix A Child Abuse Register Request for a Search Form A  
AP 305.20 Appendix A Remote Access Procedure Agreement  
AVRCE-NSGEU Collective Agreement 2015-2021  
AVRSB Terms and Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Employees (Managerial) 2017-2021  
AVRSB Terms and Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Employees 2017-2021  
AVRSB-CUPE Collective Agreement 2012-2015  
AVRSB-NSTU Collective Agreement 2012-2016  
Notice of Absentee of Regular Employee  
Teachers' Provincial Contract  
Teachers' Provincial Contract (French)  
Medical Information  
NSTU Injury on Duty Accident Report Form (Word Format)  
NSTU One Year Leave Deferred Salary  
NSTU Six Month Leave Deferred Salary  
NSTU Vacancy Round Form  
Recommendation Form NSTU Appointment  
Employment Forms
2018 Nova Scotia Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1 NS 2018)  
2018 Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1 2018)  
CPT 30-11e: Election to Stop CPP  
Employee Information Form  
Tax Deduction Estimator (TD1 - CRA Online Tool)  
Worksheet for the 2018 NS Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1NS-WS)  
Employee Appraisal Forms
T1-Formative Performance Appraisal Form for Permanent Contract Teachers  
T2-Summative Performance Appraisal Form for Probationary and Term Contract Teachers  
T3-Summative Performance Appraisal Form for Permanent Contract Teachers  
Work Schedule
Work Schedule Form Administrative, Operational Support (Word Format)  
Work Schedule Form EA SS (Word Format)  
Work Schedule Form NSTU working less than 1.0 FTE (Word Format)  
Expense Forms
AP 305.2 Appendix A Expense Report  
AP 305.2 Appendix B   Single Event Expense Report
Programs and Services
Consent Form
Consent Form  
Additional Insurance Coverage Reimbursement Revised
Application for Reimbursement for Additional Insurance 2016 - 2017  
Quote for Additional Insurance  
School Trip Application Form
AP 402.3 Appendix A Application for Out-of-Province or Country School Trip  
AP 402.3 Appendix B Application for In-Province School Trip  
AP 402.3 Appendix C Out-of-Province or Country School Trip Guidlines  
Student Transfers
AP 402.4 Appendix A Request for New Student Transfer  
AP 402.4 Appendix B Request for Renewal of Student Transfer  
Adventure Education Trip Forms 405.1
AP 405.1 Appendix A Definitions  
AP 405.1 Appendix B Trip Plan  
AP 405.1 Appendix C Trip Leader Checklist  
AP 405.1 Appendix D Principal Checklist  
AP 405.1 Appendix E Off-site First Aid Kit  
AP 405.1 Appendix F Leader Pack  
AP 405.1 Appendix G List of Adventure Education Activities  
AP 405.1 Appendix H Student Medical Form  
Student Services Procedural Forms
AP 403.m-1 Request for Transfer/Sharing of Student Records/Information  
AP 403.m-2 Acknowledgement of Receipt of a Student Records (2006)  
AP 403.m-3 Consent to Photocopy a Student Records (2006)  
AP 403.n Record of Access to Confidential Documents Envelope  
AP 403.n-1 Confidential Documents Envelope (CDE)  
AP 403.q Special Transportation Plan  
AP 403.r-2 School-wide Enrichment Funding Application  
AP 403.r-3 School-wide Enrichment Project Summary  
AP 403.s-1 Homebound Tutor Service Application (Medical)  
AP 403.s-2 Homebound Tutor Service Request  
AP 403.s-3 Homebound Tutor Service Approval  
AP 403.s-4 Homebound Tutor Service Report  
AP 403.u School Crisis Team Membership  
AP 403.v-1 ESL Service Request  
AP 403.v-2 ESL Service Approval  
AP 403.v-3 ESL Service Report  
AP403.p Request for Special Transportation Needs  

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