School Advisory Councils

School Advisory Councils (SACs) are volunteer organizations that were established by the Nova Scotia Education Act, and are made up of parents/guardians, community members, the school principal, teachers and school support staff.

An SAC serves as an advisory body to the school principal and AVRCE on a range of issues related to the school and the school system, such as school practices, fundraising, parent-school communication and school improvement. An SAC participates in the school’s ongoing efforts to continuously improve student achievement and school performance.

The role of SACs was enhanced in 2018 to include providing advice on regional and provincial education policy development. A budget will be provided to each school with an SAC to support student achievement.

Several AVRCE schools have SACs and more are in development. To learn more about the SAC at a school in your area contact your school principal.

SAC Guiding Principles

  • Education is a shared responsibility.
  • The best interests of students must be the first consideration for all decisions.
  • People at the local school level have important perspectives that should be considered in decision making.
  • School improvement leads to increased student achievement.
  • New policies should take into account the unique characteristics of each school community.
  • Partners need to use teamwork skills and strategies to manage change effectively.
  • Involving the community in school improvement will enhance learning for all students.

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