What is SchoolsPlus?

SchoolsPlus offers students and families support and services in a safe, inclusive space within a school. It brings a range of mental health services and other health programs together with mentoring, social work, academic support, justice services and community services into schools where students and families can easily access them.


Where is SchoolsPlus in AVRCE?

AVRCE SchoolsPlus hub sites are located at Champlain Elementary School (Annapolis County), Berwick and District School (Central and Western Kings County), Gloocap Elementary School (NKEC Family of Schools), Horton High School (Horton Family of Schools) and Windsor Elementary School (West Hants).

Please click on one of the links below for each site's associated family of schools, services available, and contact information.

SchoolsPlus Annapolis
@ Champlain Elementary School
SchoolsPlus Central and West Kings
@ Berwick and District School
SchoolsPlus Horton Family of Schools
@Horton High School
SchoolsPlus NKEC Family of Schools
@ Glooscap Elementary School
SchoolsPlus West Hants
@ Windsor Elementary School

How does SchoolsPlus Support Students and Families?

  • Supports relationships between school and home.
  • Advocates for students who need services in areas such as health, addictions, mental health, justice, community services, housing and education, and helps to coordinate these services.
  • Provides support to students to help them achieve success both inside and outside of school.
  • Provides programming such as parenting support groups, positive behaviour progams, social and friendship-building groups for youth, and self-discovery and empowerment groups.


How can you get involved?

  • Sign up for a group or program being offered at school
  • Let us know what programs you’d like to see offered
  • Check the SchoolsPlus Info Board at school to learn about programs, services and resources in your community
  • Referrals to SchoolsPlus can be made by school principals, parents/guardians, students or community agencies
  • Contact SchoolsPlus staff if you need help getting connected to government programs or have questions


Visit for general information on SchoolsPlus across Nova Scotia.



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