Storm Day/School Cancellation Procedures

Storm Day/School Cancellation Procedures

About 90% of AVRCE students travel to school by bus or other types of AVRCE-provided transportation, so we monitor weather and road conditions closely every day. When we make decisions to cancel school or change school start/end times due to weather or road conditions, student safety is always our priority. We also look to maximize student learning time as much as possible. We take these decisions very seriously, and appreciate these changes have an impact on your family. 

As a parent/guardian, you always have the right to keep your child home from school if you feel travelling conditions are unsuitable. 

We announce these decisions to parents/guardians in several ways:

  • Text/email notices (if you have not already subscribed, visit to find out how to receive AVRCE/school text messages)
  • Instagram and X/Twitter: follow @AVRCE_NS
  • Radio (AVR Network, Magic 94.9 FM, Rewind 89.3 FM, and CBC Radio 1 in Halifax)
  • AVRCE phone line, 902.538.4600 or 1.800.850.3887 (for early morning cancellations)
  • BusPlanner Delays App: Anyone can download this free app to receive widespread AVRCE school cancellation notices, as well as late/cancelled bus or driver discretion notices. You can find BusPlanner Delays wherever you download apps for your mobile device.
  • Note: For grandparents, childcare providers, AVRCE staff and other school community members who want to receive text/email notices, subscribe to our Notify Me service (parents/guardians don't need to sign up for Notify Me!) 

Decisions around school cancellations or changes to schools start/end times are based on information we get from professional weather forecasting services, Department of Public Works depots, and AVRCE staff checking on-the-ground conditions. 

When schools are open and buses are running, no announcements are made.

Announcements will be made as close to 6:00 am as possible. Announcements may be by school, county/municipality, or the entire region.

Possible announcements are: 

  • Schools are closed for the day. 
  • Schools are open, but students will be dismissed two hours earlier than regular dismissal time. 
  • Schools will open two hours later than usual. We use this option to maximize student instructional time on days when more time is needed in the early morning hours to salt and clear roads. 

There may also be times when we must close schools unexpectedly during the day due to a building systems issue (such as a power or water outage) or weather and/or road conditions. If this happens, schools will communicate dismissal plans with families (including sending text/email notices through SchoolMessenger). Please make sure you have a back-up plan for these situations. 

Download the AVRCE School Cancellations and Delays Infographic


Bus Driver Discretion

Sometimes we announce that schools are open, but bus drivers will use their discretion. This means that road conditions are generally acceptable, but some side roads may be unplowed or slippery, so a bus driver may not travel these roads if they think it isn’t safe to do so.

When this happens, the bus driver notifies the school when they have completed their run. If a bus doesn’t travel a road before school, it will not travel that road after school.

You can find bus driver discretion announcements on the free BusPlanner Delays app,, and @avrce_ns on Instagram and X (Twitter).



Notify Me

School community members (grandparents, childcare providers, AVRCE staff, etc.): Subscribe to receive AVRCE school cancellation notices by text/email.

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