The intent of this bid call is to obtain an offer to perform all work associated with Invitation to Quote (ITQ) Package 2019-23 Floor Tile Removal – Asbestos - Various Schools, Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education (AVRCE), for a Stipulated Price Contract in accordance with the ITQ Documents. This Invitation to quote may be awarded whole or in part to one at the sole discretion of the AVRCE.

A Site visit will be provided upon request, please contact Torgeir Suther, Coordinator of Property Services at 902-538-4736 to make arrangements.

Documents can be downloaded from our web site www.avrce.ca (Select Tender Tab).

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Closing Date: 
28-Jun-2019 - 02PM Atlantic
Contact Information: 
Don Allen, Procurement Buyer
121 Orchard St. PO Box 340
Berwick, Nova Scotia
Canada B0P 1E0

Posted Title Description
12-Jun-2019 06PM AVRCE ITQ 2019-24 Floor Tile Removal - Asbestos Variious Locations Addendum #1 June 12, 2019

For revision and clarification purposes the following is provided:


All work must be conducted by trained personnel and done in accordance with provincial guidelines and regulations. Successful bidder must take all precautions necessary to ensure no areas remain contaminated after work is complete.

Posted Title Description
20-Jun-2019 04PM AVRCE ITQ 2019-24 Floor Tile Removal - Asbestos - Various Schools - Addendum #2 June 20 2019

For revision and clarification purposes the following is provided:



  1. Who is responsible for moving furniture/interferences?

  2. Will the baseboard / trim be disposed of or saved?

  3. Will the glue / mastic remain?

    1. Does it contain asbestos?

  4. Is there an asbestos report available at each school?



  1. AVRCE will be responsible for moving furniture/interferences.

  2. To be disposed of, to be included in lump sum price.

  3. Mastic to be removed to a level where it is relatively smooth, assume contains asbestos.New tiles will be installed over, separate from this ITQ.

  4. An asbestos audit was done on the buildings and is available for review, upon award.

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